Things that last a lifetime…


We got Scarlett’s lifetime hunting and fishing (sportsman) license for NC the other day. Before she is 1 years old, we could purchase this for $200. While we were there (Walmart), we (my wife Mindy and me) also got our lifetime licenses for fishing. For us, just for fishing in North Carolina was $250 each. Sportsman was $500, if that gives you an idea of the price increase after a baby turns one.

I go fishing every year, usually trout fishing in Pisgah Forest or Mills River. Before now, I purchased a single year license every year for $35 so in 7 years I would have paid around $250. I no longer need to make this purchase and on the 8th year I’ll actually be saving money (given I live 8 more years, its a gamble I know).

It got me thinking, what are things that last a lifetime? Things that you could pay for once, but remain with you for life – worthwhile investments since your biggest asset is you. I couldn’t think of much.

  1. Any lifetime licenses such as hunting or fishing
  2. Training of any kind for skills that do no disappear as technology evolves (IE: flying, scuba diving, etc)
  3. Your house, if you manage to pay this off it should last the rest of your life
  4. Education on any subject (similar to training)

What else?

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