Do you talk like a baby… to babies?

When it is alright to talk like a baby

People talk like babies…. to babies! It could be the most professional, sophisticated business man/woman in the country but thrust a baby in front of them and they “revert” to a baby-talking, crazy sounding lunatic. It is a phenomenon. Sometimes the voice is cute, sometimes funny, sometimes a bit scary and oddly enough, very weird when little kids who already sound like babies, become even babier (??).  I’ve heard it happen from men, women, kids, professionals, hippies, and even more shocking, me!

Since Scarlett was born, I’ve adopted a “baby” voice that I speak to her. I have no idea why and I try to fight the urge, but it is like a cocaine addiction and I find myself doing it against my will. How do I stop this madness?

Do you do the “baby” voice?