Scarlett Crawls on me – iPhone 5s Video Test

One of our Verizon 2-year renew contracts just ended so my wife got a new iPhone 5s. Mine doesn’t renew for another year. šŸ™ The picture and video with the iPhone 5s are amazing. Here is the first video taken of Scarlett crawling on me using the new iPhone 5s.


I’ve carved pumpkins almost every year of my life. My wife (Mindy) and I have been doing it since we first started dating. I thought Scarlett would love pulling out the “guts” but she wanted nothing to do with it. šŸ™‚ She laughed and screamed with excitement when I pulled off the tops. Here they …


My new office at Biz611

It took me several months to get an office once I quit my old day job. A friend (that I worked with from my last job)Ā introduced me to Biz611 which is a new building for budding entrepreneurs and eco friendly companies, a business incubator.

The building is amazing with flooring, carpets, walls and more taken from the destruction of other buildings. Solar panels power the entire building while rain water is collected in reservoirs to flush the toilets and water the landscape. Read more about it and the vision here:Ā

Here is a video tour of my office, now that I think I have everything situated.

Get a remote office, don’t yell at your wife!

Working from home is great, but can be very hard to get anything done at times. Something as small as your dog barking can break your attention not to mention your wife and kids. Frustration and irritation can skyrocket and then your mind stops working but your mouth keeps moving.

I’m pretty sure this happened to Jack NicholsonĀ in the Shining as he sums up the benefits of having a remote office.

Warning: Don’t say these things to your wife.
Warning 2: Explicit language used.