Snow at Biz611

We had our first real “flurry” of snow around Thanksgiving. I happened to be at the office (Biz611) working on Ionicware/SEOClerks tasks. It started snowing pretty hard and I love snow, so I got excited. Unfortunately, it melted by 9:00AM EST. Anyway, I took some really cool pictures from our Ionicware Office space at Biz611. …



I’ve carved pumpkins almost every year of my life. My wife (Mindy) and I have been doing it since we first started dating. I thought Scarlett would love pulling out the “guts” but she wanted nothing to do with it. 🙂 She laughed and screamed with excitement when I pulled off the tops. Here they …


Get a remote office, don’t yell at your wife!

Working from home is great, but can be very hard to get anything done at times. Something as small as your dog barking can break your attention not to mention your wife and kids. Frustration and irritation can skyrocket and then your mind stops working but your mouth keeps moving.

I’m pretty sure this happened to Jack Nicholson in the Shining as he sums up the benefits of having a remote office.

Warning: Don’t say these things to your wife.
Warning 2: Explicit language used.

My Mobile Office

One of the best benefits I have found since quitting my 9-5 job is the freedom it gives me to travel. There is no concrete prison that I have to report to or a phone that I have to answer… Or a meeting that I must attend. Since my company is entirely virtual, all I …


Do you talk like a baby… to babies?

People talk like babies…. to babies! It could be the most professional, sophisticated business man/woman in the country but thrust a baby in front of them and they “revert” to a baby-talking, crazy sounding lunatic. It is a phenomenon. Sometimes the voice is cute, sometimes funny, sometimes a bit scary and oddly enough, very weird …


Things that last a lifetime…

  We got Scarlett’s lifetime hunting and fishing (sportsman) license for NC the other day. Before she is 1 years old, we could purchase this for $200. While we were there (Walmart), we (my wife Mindy and me) also got our lifetime licenses for fishing. For us, just for fishing in North Carolina was $250 …


I don’t have Internet

I have no Internet right now. It makes me wonder, what did I do before Internet was mainstream? Should I go outside? Mow the grass again? Watch TV? Video game? Wash the cars? These thoughts were pleasant until I realized my phone still has the Internet, with the WordPress app no less!